PlayStation VR Aim Controller (PS4)

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Take aim with total precision. Feel every shot and make each one count. Discover a new level of intense, realistic action with the intuitive controller built to enhance compatible PlayStation VR games. With precision tracking technology, the PS VR aim controller allows you to take down your targets with deadly accuracy. And with your PS VR headset on, the tactile controller looks as well as feels like a real weapon in your hands, while vibration feedback immerses you further into the action..

  • Integrated motion sensor and trackable sphere work with the PlayStation Camera to deliver precision tracking, keeping your shots lightning-fast and deadly accurate..
  • Engage the enemy and your surroundings in whole new ways as the unique, ergonomic design creates an incredible sense of connection between you and your virtual world. Supporting both left and right-handed grips, the lightweight controller looks and feels just like a real weapon as it vibrates with every shot you fire.
  • With a range of compatible games available and more incoming, the PS VR aim controller's extensive arsenal of DualShock 4 controls, including dual sticks for full FPS motion and action buttons alongside a large trigger mean you're always armed and ready to combat new enemies and adapt to new challenges.
Manufacturer's 1-year guarantee.
EAN: 711719899969.