Why Staraxe?

Why Staraxe you ask?

Because we are amazing !

OK being serious, we have steadily grown for the last 6+ years since 2011.

  • We have served over *150,000+ customers and growing !
  • Top Rated Seller on Amazon
  • We are Retailer for many popular brands including; Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Samsung, Activision, EA, ACER, Ubisoft.
  • We offer 1 year Returns & Exchange for All Sony Playstation Brand products and 30 Days for all other products
  • We are geeks and gamers, and have focused on our dedicated entertainment and gaming news, blog site on Staraxe.com


*customers served through a combination of our website (shop.staraxe.com, staraxe.com) and various marketplace platforms such as Amazon, eBay, OnBuy, Coolshop and Game